Vista Paraiso Punta Mita Equestrian Club.

Amidst the captivating settings of Higuera Blanca, Nayarit, the Vista Paraíso Equestrian Club offers a wide range of horse riding experiences, from personalized lessons for beginners to therapeutic horseback riding

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You can book a class in any discipline with at least 24 hours in advance (subject to availability) or become a regular member by setting a specific schedule for your lessons for an entire month.
You can also book a group lessons with your family or friends;

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Personalized Rides

Go on a personalized horseback ride on the beach, jungle and mountains according to your level and taste. Our bilingual guides will lead you across country to a charming restaurant in Punta de Mita.
Just tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen!

$150.00 USD | 1.5 Hrs

Jumping Lessons

Come practice with highly trained jumpers and improve your horse jumping skills!
On our riding club you can learn new techniques –whether you’re a beginner or an advanced horse rider –and practice to enhance the connection between your horse and you.

$100.00 USD | 1 Hrs

Dressage Lessons

Master the equestrian dressage with our instructors’ tutoring!
Learn with family and friends the new techniques to perform agile, balanced movements and discover a new level of connection between horse and rider at Vista Paraiso Punta de Mita horseback riding club.

$100.00 UDS | 1 hrs

Horse Therapy

Equine assisted therapy offers an amazing healing experience mentally, physically, and spiritually.
With our tamest horses, we offer interactive therapies according to condition and level, working stimulation, confidence growing and relationship building, during and after the sessions.

$100.00 USD | 1 Hrs

Equestrian Camp

Enjoy five hours of activities in a fun, positive learning environment surrounded by the rainforest in Punta de Mita. The adventure is guided by our experienced jockeys, who have participated in various competitions, and includes: 2 riding lessons, horsemanship training, meal & drinks.

$150.00 USD | 5 Hrs

All our sport horses are kept in prime shape, highly trained and habituated to human interaction;  available for all riding levels in each discipline. Our skilled, multilingual, and service-oriented staff is lead by Pablo G. Braunschweig, professional instructor with over 25 years of experience teaching show jumping, dressage, equine therapy and stable management, among others, in Europe and the Americas.