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  • How do I book my tour?

    If you have found the Vista Paraíso tour that interests you, use our online form to select the date, time and people who will be doing the tour and fill in your contact information.

    Our reservation system will display the total amount of your reservation and the online payment options. Upon successful completion of the transaction, you will receive an email with the details of your reservation and one of our executives will contact you by phone to confirm the reservation.

    You can also book directly by phone from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at 329 298 4008.

  • Can I book transportation from my resort?

    The transportation provided by Vista Paraíso has specific pick-up points. However, your hotel concierge can help you book a private transport to our facilities in Higuera Blanca.

  • Can I arrive in my own car?

    Sure! We have a wide parking area for those who prefer to drive to Vista Paraíso.

  • Are cameras and Go Pros allowed during the tour?

    For safety reasons, cameras are not allowed during the tour. But you can bring your camera tocapture the beauty of Higuera Blanca before or after the tour.

  • Are there guides on the tour?

    All the Vista Paraíso tours are led by one of our highly trained guides, who know Higuera Blanca as the palm of their hand!

  • Are the guides bilingual?

    All our tour guides are bilingual.

  • Are tips appropriate?

    Sure, if you enjoyed the tour, thank our guides with a voluntary tip.

  • Can I make the tour alone?

    No. For safety reasons, our guides must accompany you throughout the tour.

  • Do you have a restaurant-bar service?

    Yes. At the Higuera Blanca restaurant you can savor typical Mexican food and a variety of flavors of our famous margaritas.

  • Do you receive credit cards?

    Of course

  • Can I bring my own food?

    You may bring snacks or light meals only.

  • Are lockers provided?

    Yes, we have a locker area where your belongings will remain safe during the tour.

  • Are there bathrooms or changing rooms?

    Our bathroom area is quite spacious so you can change your clothes if necessary.

  • Are there resting areas?

    Yes, throughout Vista Paraíso you will find different rest areas where you can enjoy the natural environment after the tour.